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How to Setup Telegram Auto Reply

Telegram Auto Reply: Telegram is a famous messaging app utilized by organizations across the globe. If your enterprise makes use of Telegram to talk with customers, you`ve come to the proper place. In this weblog post, we`ll educate you the way to car respond Telegram messages with Workflows automation. You`ll additionally discover a listing of beneficial Telegram car respond examples!

Why Use Telegram Auto Reply?

Customers dislike waiting or feeling ignored when they message businesses. They expect quick and prompt responses, which is why most prefer to use a messaging channel like Telegram over email.

Late responses leave a poor impression of the brand and cause businesses to lose valuable leads to competitors who reply on time. Plus, not all businesses can afford to have agents reply to customer inquiries readily 24/7.

So, what is the best way to handle inbound conversations for Telegram Business users? The answer is Telegram auto reply – an automated message triggered in response to inbound Telegram notifications.

Here are some of the benefits of using auto reply on Telegram:
Establish an excellent first impression by greeting customers with a friendly and attentive tone
Manage response time expectations for scenarios where there aren’t agents available
Collect customer data with a pre-chat survey for contact identification or agent follow-up

As a result, Telegram computerized solutions assist enhance client satisfaction, on the grounds that contacts sense they may be being attended to. Now which you understand the basics,

How to Set Auto Reply on Telegram

There is one essential aspect which you must know: The Telegram app doesn`t encompass an car respond feature. You`ll want to create a Telegram Bot and join it to a messaging platform like join telegram.

To installation an automated respond, we are able to use Jointelegram Workflows to construct effective and bendy automation. Sign in in your jointelegram account, open the Workflows Module and create a brand new Workflow.

Then, follow these steps:

1. Set the Workflow Trigger to Conversation Opened and choose Source is equal to Contact as Trigger Conditions.

2. Add a Date & Time Step and define your business hours.

With this setup, messages that arrive at some stage in business hours will fall into the Success Branch. Conversely, messages that arrive outdoor of business hours will fall into the Failure Branch.

3. Add a Send a Message Steps and compose your welcome and away messages of their respective branches. Don`t neglect about to set the Channel to Telegram in the configuration drawer.

4. Follow it with an Ask a Question Step to request any statistics that your sellers want to comply with up with leads.

If the solutions are handiest applicable to this Workflow, keep them as Variables. But in case you plan to apply the ones solutions after the Workflow ends, take into account saving them as a Contact Fields or Tags.

5. Use an additional Send a Message Step to tell your customers how long they should expect to wait for a human response.

There`s most effective one query left – what have to you write on your Telegram vehiclemobile respond? Let`s see a few realistic examples of vehicle respond messages that you could utilize.

Telegram Auto Reply Examples

When composing an car reply for Telegram, a pleasant and approachable greeting message does simply quality maximum of the time. However, you may step up your sport via way of means of putting in an away message or a lead series message instead.

Regardless of your preference, we’ve got you covered. Here are some Telegram auto reply examples you can use for business.

Welcome Messages

Three Telegram auto reply messages to greet your customers:

“Welcome to [business name]. What can we do for you?”
“Hi, it’s good to hear from you. How can we help you today?”
“Hello! Thanks for reaching out to [business name]. Please let us know how we can assist you.”

Away Messages

Three Telegram auto reply messages to manage response time expectations:

“Hey there! Unfortunately, there aren’t anyt any to be had sellers at this moment. We have obtained your message and could be in contact with you by [time]. ⏱ ”
“Thanks for contacting us! You will acquire a reply inside 24h. In the meantime, you may test out our FAQ phase here [URL].”
“Hello there! We are closed on the moment, however we’ve obtained your message. An agent could be with you as quickly as we’re back. Thanks in your patience.

Lead Capture Messages

Three Telegram auto reply messages to capture leads:

“Hello there! We`ve obtained your message and we`ll be lower back to you soon. Could you please proportion your task name and agency call?”
“Thanks for contacting [business name]! Please go away your call and agency call below. An agent may be with you 🔜.”
“Welcome to [business name]. May we’ve got your e mail address?

JoinTelegram lets in you to create the final client communique enjoy with equipment including Workflows, customizable inboxes and superior analytics equipment. Give the main messaging platform a try. Sign up for an account today!

What Are Telegram Channels?

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