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How to Use Telegram for Customer Support

Everything you want to recognize about the usage of Telegram for customer support channel is included on this blog post. We`ll begin through discussing the blessings of offering Telegram guide and what you want to recognize to get started. Then, we`ll display you the way Jointelegram can help you in supplying top-notch Telegram patron guide.

Why Use Telegram for Customer Support

Telegram is famous for its velocity and protection, with seven-hundred million month-to-month lively users. It sticks out from different messaging apps due to the fact it’s far privately owned and constructed with users` privateness in mind.

Every kind of message exchanged on Telegram, together with text, media and documents, is encrypted. Therefore, Telegram is an fantastic messaging channel for privateness-aware users.

Benefits of Telegram for Customer Service

Security is one of the maximum essential characteristics that conventional customer service channels like electronic mail lack.

Sending personal documents through electronic mail has been the norm over the last decades, however this method isn’t as stable as believed due to the fact emails are unencrypted via way of means of default or have restrained encryption. As a result, clients are vulnerable to statistics leaks and protection threats.

Telegram, however, makes use of client-server encryption and documents are saved encrypted withinside the Telegram Cloud. Security skeptics may even delete their documents after sending them to go away 0 lines of the documents at the server.

Having an universal view of a purchaser`s chat records is sort of unimaginable on conventional guide channels like e mail and webchat. This is due to the fact e mail verbal exchange threads are generally dispersed and webchat chats stop whilst customers go away the website.

On Telegram, organizations can be capable of get get entry to to a purchaser`s chat records in a message inbox. If a purchaser has a ordinary issue, guide retailers can be capable of get context from the chat records and make knowledgeable selections primarily based totally on their situation.

The first-class element about Telegram is that you could use one account concurrently on a couple of gadgets. Not simply that, your messages will even sync seamlessly throughout all of your gadgets.

Small organizations can use the Telegram app on a couple of gadgets on the equal time, at the same time as large organizations can get Telegram for a couple of retailers through connecting their Telegram bot to a messaging platform like Jointelegram for a slew of extra features, which we are able to talk below.

What You Should Know

Unlike different messaging apps, Telegram presents customers with a loose but feature-wealthy platform with little to no restrictions. Although Telegram has these days introduced its paid plan, Telegram Premium, the whole thing that become formerly loose stays loose.

The top class plan become delivered to satisfy the needs of Telegram customers who’re inclined to pay to ship heavy resources. With Telegram Premium, customers can add documents as much as 4GB and experience quicker downloads, specific stickers and more.

You most effective want Telegram Premium in case you often ship documents large than 2GB. Otherwise, your enterprise must be capable of get via way of means of pretty nicely at the loose version.

There are 3 approaches a business can use Telegram for patron support, particularly Telegram Groups, Telegram Channels and Telegram Bots. Let`s test every of them in the phase below.

Telegram Customer Support: Telegram Groups
Telegram Group is a area that helps two-manner interactions among corporations and clients with as much as 200,000 participants. It may be utilized by corporations to get remarks or have discussions with their clients.

To offer institution assist, create corporations primarily based totally on exceptional purchaser segments inclusive of merchandise purchased, language and more. Then, use the institution video name and display sharing device to offer help for not unusualplace purchaser issues.

Providing institution assist may be beneficial. However, it comes with some drawbacks. For instance, assist retailers won`t be capable of tune conversations or realize if an trouble has been resolved and corporations can not preserve tune of retailers` productiveness.

This is specially actual if assist retailers proportion one Telegram account to answer to the large quantity of incoming messages. Not simply that, in view that conversations are seen to institution participants, privacy-aware clients will locate institution assist uncomfortable.

Telegram Customer Support: Telegram Channels
Telegram Channel alternatively could have limitless participants and is designed as a one-manner conversation device. Businesses can broadcast updates or critical bulletins to their clients and tune the view be counted number in their messages.

Telegram Channel is the least appropriate for customer service as it’s far made for one-manner conversation. Businesses can nonetheless provide two-manner conversation through linking their Telegram Channel to Telegram Group to car-put up proclaims in the institution and observe up with inquiries.

However, through doing so, they may enjoy the equal trouble with privacy, being not able to preserve tune of conversations and display retailers` productiveness as they do while the usage of Telegram Group for assist.

Telegram Customer Support: Telegram Bot
Due to the truth that institution assist has plenty of drawbacks, corporations have to be capable of offer 1:1 Telegram assist.

Small corporations can offer 1:1 assist the usage of the Telegram app inbox on more than one gadgets even as large corporations can use the Telegram bot, which includes a messaging inbox or messaging platform like Jointelegram.

Large corporations that get hold of excessive volumes of messages want superior capabilities to test retailers` workload or performance, make sure all Contacts had been attended to and pick out which agent despatched or replied to a message.

To get the ones capabilities and superior automation for methods like assist escalation, car project and car routing,

Now which you have all of the records you want to apply Telegram as a customer service channel, let`s dive into how Jointelegram can assist enhance your customer service.

Offer 24/7 Support with Automated Messages, Auto Assignment and Support Escalation
Customers speaking with organizations on messaging apps like Telegram assume to acquire speedy replies. With Jointelegram, you could manage clients` expectancies with the aid of using sending automatic welcome and away messages.

For retailers to offer great support, they’ll want purchaser context. One manner to do that is to ship pre-chat surveys to accumulate clients` records and use multiple-preference inquiries to assist clients speak what they need clearly.

For extra superior automation, companies can use Jointelegram to path clients to the proper team, in keeping with enterprise hours, shifts, languages or departments.

Agents also can collaborate at the platform for guide escalation via way of means of including a remark to explain the case or offer history records to every other agent.

Send CSAT or Customer Satisfaction Surveys
You`ll by no means recognise how powerful your customer service is with out getting remarks out of your clients. Hence, CSAT or consumer delight surveys are crucial in measuring the achievement and first-class of your company`s customer service.

With Jointelegram`s Workflows automation, companies can create a CSAT survey Workflow. It may be installation to ship a CSAT survey mechanically after a communique with a consumer ends or manually the use of the Shortcut button.

To keep the survey solutions, use the Add Google Sheets Row Step to keep the facts in Google Sheets. To keep the survey solutions in your CRM or facts warehouse, create a webhook among its API and Jointelegram through including an HTTP Request Step.

Get an Overview of Customers` Chat History with Contact Merge
Most messaging app customers have a couple of messaging apps on their phones. They may also have reached out to you on them, developing siloed conversations throughout the distinct channels.

Mobile App for Agents on the Go
The app has all of the functions to be had at the computer including Dashboard, Contacts and Messaging to provide dealers an handy messaging revel in and the benefit of answering messages at the go, anyplace they may be.

Agents will acquire a push notification on every occasion they acquire a brand new message or while they may be assigned new Contacts, letting them live up to date and keep away from lacking messages.

To get the Jointelegram app, down load it from Google Play Store for Android and Apple App Store for iOS.

Telegram is a extraordinary messaging channel for agencies to offer first-class customer service in a stable environment. If you`re equipped to apply Telegram for customer service, sign on for Jointelegram and join your Telegram business account now!

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